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        Pressure vessel design auditing engineer

        Job Requirements:

        1、bachelor degree or above

        2、10 years or above chemical machinery designing & auditing working experience

        3、pressure vessel process procedure editing / checking / auditing working experience

        4、National Pressure vessel design qualification certificate

        5、Intermediate or senior engineer

        6、Mixing equipment design experience (non essential)

        Instrument meter engineer

        Job Requirements:

        1、bachelor or above degree, automation, industrial automation instrumentation or other related professionals

        2、familiar with instrument professional knowledge, 5 years or above petrochemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical or related manufacture or design working experience

        3、familiar with electrical professional knowledge (non essential)

        Electrical engineer

        Job Requirements:

        1、junior college degree or above, electrical automation or instrumentation professional

        2、familiar with industrial automation software programming or installing and debugging on spot, familiar with siemens S7-200/300 PLC, WinCC and Rockwell PLC; being able to small system program independently

        3、familiar with low voltage control system and relevant electric drive units (inverter, motor, etc.); familiar with pneumatic components drive units (valve, hydraulic components, etc.); independent equipment debugging or package kettle design working experience

        Package equipment design engineer

        Job Requirements:

        1、junior college degree or above, machining, process equipment or related professionals

        2、3 years or above project design working experience; steel structure, piping, pressure vessel, P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) or relevant working experience

        3、familiar with on-site project management and pressure vessel or package equipment

        4、Familiar with Solid Works, AutoCAD or other relevant softwares; owning strong organizing and coordinating abilities

        5、Familiar with refinery project (Catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, isomerization, alkylation, catalytic reforming, etc.), chemical or coil chemical project (Coal gasification, methanol synthesis, PP, aromatics extraction, ethylene, etc.).(non essential)

        Registration Method

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        TEL:+86 0631-5788001



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        Mobile: +86 15634365312 (Wechat)

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        E-mail: shirleywong@chemdevice.com

        Skype: 15866894110@163.com

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